WIP Wednesdays | Wintry Sea Excerpt | 9/7/2022

This is an excerpt from my 2020 Nanowrimo merpeople story, not to be confused with its prequel, Mermaid Tears, which I have posted an excerpt from before. It's a dark fantasy romance (shocking, I know). For context, the merman POV character just saved his love interest from drowning Little-Mermaid-but-not-really style. The human woman character is an amputee, hence a reference to her single leg.

WIP Wednesdays | Golden Prince Excerpt | 6/21/2022

Comic fantasy loosely inspired by King Midas and The Princess Bride. This character resulted very much as a result of me going, "What if there was, like, a Prince Lotor slash Legolas-looking pretty boy with long flowing hair who was grossly incompetent and vain and also gold?"

WIP Wednesdays | Bloody, Sweaty, Teary Excerpt #3 | 6/8/2022

Just realized that I've never posted any scenes involving Kry's love interest and had to fix that. Context to this is that Salina is a reserved, elegant gym rat who fights using water and has just asked Kry for a friendly spar. He has a big dumb crush on her and she has a big dumb crush on him and they are both bad communicators.

WIP Wednesdays | Alien Collector Excerpt | 5/18/2022

Despite sci-fi's sister fantasy tending to be more my bag, I'm dipping into sci-fi here in the interest of potentially submitting to some short story magazines that call for it. Here is the beginning of some unhinged rambling of a story about a prisoner of a huge alien that I wrote upon forcing myself to write something science-fiction-y (it's probably still more science fantasy than anything, I can't help it).

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