Writing Wednesdays | Science Fantasy Sun Wukong Lightly Lampooned | 8/16/2023

I was originally going to title this something like “Thinly-Veiled Fanfic Poem” but that would imply that there is any sort of veil at all, which there is not.

Your missus very much hates messes

Wounds keep adding to her stresses

As you gush blood on her just-cleaned floor

You’re not sure what she married you for

Child neglect is not-so-super, man

Still, those two are your biggest fans

They look up to a vicious alien

Who, tail aside, is passably human

Don't look up, your head's on fire

All that power is an intensifier

You would cause even more pain

If not for the damage to your brain

Killing machine reduced to karateka

Subject of muscle fetish erotica

Are you a hero or a stupid brute

Regardless, keep sparing ants from your boot

Hey, please play superpowered Jesus

Cute woodland creature as your Lazarus

That will distract from all the gruesome violence

And make you appealing to the audience

Rising from the dead is routine by now

Doing it long before the MCU learned how

It's impossible for gold to corrode or rust

But you might spontaneously combust

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