WIP Wednesdays | Paisley Selig Visual Development | 7/5/2023

I feel like at this point Paisley definitely gets across the “sad, wet cat” vibe I’m going for and it’s just a matter of refining that. I have his shapes down to the point I can doodle him shorthand with confidence and just want to nail down a reference sheet for the sake of making him the consistent in the long run. Getting hung up on his clothes and their colors is where I’m at now.

Figured out some things that DIDN’T work when I went a little crazy with some wild, too-bright color palettes and accidentally ended up distracting from his face. Oops. I still feel like I haven’t settled on colors that I think work best with him, but it will probably be some combination of a dialed-back blue with something else. This is by no means his endgame outfit by any means, but I wanted a simple two-tone shirt to test colors out with.

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