Writing Wednesdays | Cartoon Blood Poem | 4/12/2023

I’m going to do a poetry reading at an open mic night tomorrow and wanted to post one of the poems in advance of when I can hopefully post a recording of my pieces on YouTube. This one has the most freestyle structure of the poems I picked; I hope that it suits what I’m trying to get across.

Context for blog readers’ eyes only: I’m a very sensitive person who quails at the sight of blood and gore in media, particularly live-action films, but some level of unreality added into gruesome violence makes it more palatable for me. Ergo, animated fantastical stuff tends to be okay… sometimes. On the other hand, it startles me how often hyperviolent content makes its way into cartoons aimed at children by way of changing the color of the blood. I don’t know that it always does enough to make it unrealistic or less violent. In short, this poem is about both of those things.

Make it green, pink

Make it bruise-blue-black

Do not make it red

Never red

If I have to see the lines getting too close to reality

What am I doing in a fictional world?

I can taste ozone on the screen

Among the stars, I see what I want

If there is blood, let it be alien

Don’t make me think

Of my insides as outsides

I need this illusion

Make it Jell-O yellow

Make it twilit violet

Do not make it red

Never red

Am I not entertained?

If your intent is eliciting

Sadness with your splatter gore

You can make it red, then

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