Nanowrimo Week Two Check-In + We Don’t Bite (Much) Excerpt

First things first, thank you so much to my thirteen followers! I’m so pleased that I’m garnering an audience for my little snippets to hold me accountable with consistently updating my work. It means a lot to have your viewership. Thank you again!

On to Nano updates–that was a rougher week than the first for reasons that mostly had to do with boring real life problems taking up my time. Nevertheless, I am currently sitting at 17548 words overall.

I had something that always tends to happen at around the Nano midpoint where I double my workload by adding another project, in this case participating in a week-long fan anthology that is due mid-December. Ack! Oh well, it’s a nice way to be able to switch things up a little and give myself “breaks” from my main project while still writing.

…I also woke up at 2 AM and spent a couple of hours finishing yet a third little project. What can I say, I have a lot of things I want to write.

Here were the daily wordcounts for WDBM for this week.

Nov 81634
Nov 9170
Nov 101276
Nov 11600
Nov 12600
Nov 132822
Nov 14none (yet)

On November 9th, I had a persistent issue that took literally all of my time that day, guaranteeing I wouldn’t have time to post a WIP Wednesday post in addition to these weekly check-ins. The next few days were also rough, though I managed to bounce back and get a good word count on the 13th first thing in the morning. Not enough to get me all the way up to the recommended amount by Nano standards, but I’m strangely calm about being a few thousand words behind, largely because of Thanksgiving break coming up soon, I think. I usually start Nano off with a bit of “cushion” words that I wrote in October, but I didn’t do that this year, so I might just have to pull a late night/really hit it hard at some point in order to catch up.

Here’s a little excerpt with Paisley, the mousiest of vampires. Fun fact, the original idea was actually entirely centered on him before I expanded to include the other characters. I fear that I’ve gone a little overboard in making him such a bleeding heart, but, eh, it’s the first draft, I can always clean it up later. Besides, he’s meant to stand in contrast to Ren’s gung-ho blood drinking tendencies and Zack’s more devil-may-care attitude.

Warning for some bloody vampire-typical violence.

Paisley: Please believe me when I say that I don’t want it. Blood makes me feel so sick. I joke that I still have a human stomach, but the truth is that my human heart is the problem, so to speak. I don’t want to drink blood. Not preserved, not fake, and definitely not–ugh–fresh. I was a vegan, for goodness’ sake. Not hurting things was my whole thing.

But the change… I’m made to cause harm now, even if I may not look it.

Maybe I’m giving humans too much credit. They’re destructive omnivores who are a lot more prevalent than vampires. No offense.

But… at least I could make my choice to do no harm when I was one. Or… minimal harm. Just by being alive in this world we’re doing some degree of harm to it. Sorry, I’m rambling.

My point is, I thought that I had some level of control. Now it’s like I have to fight against myself instead. And right now… I want your blood so much. But I don’t.

Does that make sense? I hope so.

In any case… if you give it to me… I won’t refuse, but I won’t like it, either. Just keep that in mind.

>Offer your blood

Paisley: I knew that’s what you would do, but…

He edges towards you, not making eye contact, claws flexing against the couch cushions. His eyes drift from your legs to your wrists, then settle on your neck.

Paisley: Can I..? Is it really okay? I’m so thirsty…

He surges forward all at once, sinking his teeth into your neck in a quick, sharp bite that has blood spurting. He pulls away just as quicky as he approached, shredding some skin in his haste to retreat.

Paisley: I’m sorry! I’m so sorry. I’m even more sorry because–

He licks his lips.

Paisley: I want to do it again. Ahhh…

He parts his jaws wide, exhaling a blood-warmed breath against your wound.

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