WIP Wednesdays | We Don’t Bite (Much) Preptober Planning/Premise | 10/12/2022

Happy Preptober! All of the work I’ve been doing this week unfortunately doesn’t really lend itself to being shared–it’s 90% outlining on notecards–but so far I can discuss the premise for my Nanowrimo project. I’m taking my first-ever stab at writing a visual novel, woo!

It’s about vampires because after writing several scraps about vampires and being lowkey obsessed with various pieces of vampire media for the past few months I couldn’t help myself.

In We Don’t Bite (Much), you, the player, survive an attack from a werepire, a hybrid werewolf vampire, and need to seek out help from a vampire to protect you from it. Vampires are commonplace in Bethorn and more than willing to help you out in exchange for a bit of blood. But any one of the vampires you pick could end up being the werepire in hiding…

The characters you can pair up with are Paisley Selig, a sweet but nervous wreck of an art student, Ren Muramoto, a cruel rich boy who relishes in being a vampire, Ken “K” Muramoto, his rebellious biker brother who absolutely hates it, or Zack Walker-Evans, a fun-loving cupcake baker with hidden depths.

I’ve outlined Paisley’s route thus far and am aiming to have all four of them done some time before Halloween. I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to resist being a nano rebel and get started on drafting before November proper. I’ve tooled around with writing some of the dialogue-heavy script but don’t have anything super concrete in the draft proper so far. Being that it’s a spin on a choose your own adventure formula, I want to be sure that I thoroughly plan out causes and effects for certain choices.

I have the character designs roughed out but am largely anticipating working on artwork and formatting the “game” part in 2023. Nano is going to be entirely devoted to the script because I don’t trust my ability to learn how to code in Ren’Py AND successfully write a good story at the same time, hahaha.

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